Integrated Ganga Kalyana Scheme (Including Lift Irrigation)

Integrated Ganga Kalyana Scheme (Including Lift Irrigation)

Integrated Ganga Kalyana Scheme(Including Lift Irrigation)

Individual irrigation borewells:

• Irrigation facilities will be provided by drilling borewell, construction of open well and installing a Pump motor and electrification, to the scheduled caste small and marginal farmers. The unit cost in Bangalore urban, Bangalore Rural, Ramanagar, Kolar, Chikkaballapur, and Tumkur District is Rs.4.50 lakhs, remaining 24 districts the unit cost is 3.50 lakhs. Out of the unit cost the subsidy amount is Rs. 4.00 lakh and 3.00 lakh respectively. Remaining Rs. 0.50 Lakhs is the loan amount. Out of the unit cost a Rs. 0.50 lakh per bore well will be released directly to ESCOMS for energisation.

Lift Irrigation Scheme:

• Scheduled caste farmers having lands adjacent to River, canal and natural ditches the water will be lifted by laying pipes to the lands of scheduled caste small farmers ground. Under this scheme the unit cost is ranging from 6.00 lakshs to 8.00 lakhs, consisting of 3 beneficiaries and is Rs. 4.00 Lakhs subsidy and 4 beneficiaries and above with up to 15 acres of land Rs. 6.00 Lakhs subsidy will be provided under this scheme.

Unit cost:

  • Ranging from Rs.4 Lakhs – Rs.6 Lakhs.


The beneficiary must have a minimum of 1-1/2 acre to 5-00 acre dry land.

Irrigation facilities will also be provided to farmers having a minimum 1-00 acres of land in the Malanadu and coastal districts.

The bore wells are energised through ESCOMS.

Out of the unit cost Rs. 0.50 lakh is term loan.

The loan amount to be paid in 10 half yearly installments at 6% interest.

Common Eligibility:

  • Applicants must belong to scheduled caste. Madiga and its related community.
  • Should be resident of Karnataka state.
  • Applicant shall be at the age of 21 and above.
  • The applicant and no member of his family should not be in employment in any Govt./Semi Govt organization.
  • The applicant and his family members if availed any loan will be considered in eligible.


  • Applicants Should be selected by the Selection Committee.
  • Annual income of the applicant’s family shall be within the limit of Rs.1.50 lakhs in case of rural areas and Rs. 2.00 lakhs in case of urban areas.
  • Application will be rejected, if he/she found ineligible during the process of selection.


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